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Allowing your journaling to change

23rd June 2015

allowing your journaling to change with you.  We are back on the road and this time we are travelling around Europe for two and half months. The big question while I was packing for the trip was ‘what journaling set up should I have on the trip?’ In my head, I had imagined I’d be so inspired by the travelling, I was going to fill journal after journal. I wanted the things I see on this trip influence my upcoming book. So of course I packed my Moleskine softcover large notebook, as well as my travel favourite, a Leuchttrum pocket notebook. 

It’s been 10 days since we left home, and I have to be honest. I haven’t touched the large Moleskine. I forgot the cardinal rule of travelling – if you are not out seeing something, you are probably recovering from having seen something! No energy to sit and write page after every page of the most inspired stuff. 

That’s not to say I was okay about me not touching the large notebook. Oh the guilt was huge. Wasn’t I suppose to be noting everything I see and creeating beautiful prose? Wasn’t I suppose to have filled a notebook by now?

I realised the flaw to my plan. When you go from sitting at home, at your big desk, to being on the move constantly, staying in hotels, a large notebook was just not practical. Often, trains and planes have  tables just big enough to hold your coffee, let alone a notebook. When there’s no desk in the room you are staying at, your thigh has to fit your notebook.

allowing your journaling to change with you.  What has worked so much better under these new set of circumstances is the pocket size notebook. It’s small enough for me to write in it in the little pockets of time you get when you are travelling – at train stations, cafes, the hotel room bed. Another thing that has been working well are postcards. I love sending them to friends and family anyway, letting them know what we have been up to each day. That’s journaling, right?

 It was hard to let go of what had been working for me previously. It was so easy to tell myself that the old method worked before, so if I just try harder, it’ll work for me again. No. My lifestyle or ‘journaling circumstances’ have changed, and my journaling was crying out to change with it. I was getting in the way of my own journaling needs. So it was time to pack the large notebook off home, and dedicate my time to the little guy and a bunch of postcard, writing what I can, when I can, wherever I am. It’s taken a load (read: guilt) off my mind, and I am enjoying journaling again.

allowing your journaling to change with you. 

June Journaling Prompts

1st June 2015

June Journal Prompt. Daily Journaling Prompt for Creative Happiness.

  1. What decision do you need to make today to feel more peaceful?
  2. What do you suck at doing? Can you stop doing it or ask someone else to do it?
  3. Who can help you this month?
  4. What sensual thing are you going to do for yourself today?
  5. What or who do you need to reject in your life for more harmony?
  6. What feels out of balance in your life right now? How can you make things more equal?
  7. When is the last time you crazy danced, secretly, alone in a room?
  8. List all the people you love and have loved.
  9. When was the last time you took a risk?
  10. What mistake should you forgive yourself for?
  11. What three things a bolder you would say to other people?
  12. I’m ready to forgive myself for…’ Take lots of time in writing each one down.
  13. What can you do today to make someone you love feel heard?
  14. List all the things you want to say NO! to.
  15. List all the things you are burning to make.
  16. What do you want to leave behind on this planet?
  17. Every day I show playfulness by…
  18. What things in life are you currently afraid to make a mistake in?
  19. Do you like your birthday? If not, why not? What memory can you let go of to have a great birthday next time?
  20. List 100 things, people, events and experiences you are grateful for.
  21. If bad things just stopped happening, I would do…
  22. I don’t know what to do about…
  23. What is the best advice you were given and hated at the time, but now you live by?
  24. What credit have you not given yourself yet?
  25. List 100 words that are so delicious to you.
  26. What special moment did you have yesterday?
  27. Who would you like to thank this week?
  28. What can you remove from your evening routine to increase your sense of abundance of time?
  29. How are you feeling inside right now? Name every emotion that is going through you.
  30. What’s your favourite method of travel? What’s the longest journey you’ve done on it?