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July Journaling Prompts

1st July 2015

July Journal Prompt. Daily Journaling Prompt for Creative Happiness.

  1. This month, my body is yearning for some…
  2. Write all the things you associate with the word ‘sensuous’.
  3. How have you changed in the last 6 months?
  4. What 3 words would you want the you in 10 years time to be described as?
  5. What little things important to you have you not told your partner yet?
  6. What can you have to feel more connected with your body?
  7. What personal tradition do you cherish?
  8. What things are you curious about but you don’t have money, time, or guts for yet?
  9. What do you NEED to be doing with your life?
  10. What lessons were you taught as a child that restricted your behaviour? Could you let go of one today?
  11. Who defines ‘courage’ to you? What do they do that make you feel they are so courageous?
  12. What can you do to bring a little bit of sensuality into your day today?
  13. How can you bring a little bit of playfulness to your work this week?
  14. What one thing could you add to your morning routine that would make a difference to your wellbeing?
  15. What did you learn yesterday?
  16. List 20 things that represent passion to you.
  17. What stories do you tell yourself about your childhood? Are they entirely accurate?
  18. List all the people you are ready to show compassion to.
  19. When do you feel most disconnected from yourself?
  20. What things do you keep finding yourself doing, even though you don’t have to? Is it through love or obligation?
  21. List 5 things you want to do with a loved one before it’s too late.
  22. Describe 5 things about you that nobody knows.
  23. Write 100 things you wan to do by the end of the year.
  24. What projects do you tell yourself you gave up too easily? What did you gain from letting each one go?
  25. Whose smile do you want to see today? Make it happen!
  26. My parents taught me money was…
  27. What new project have you been putting off planning for? What’s pulling you back about this project?
  28. What touch made you feel desirable? Go and touch your love in that way today.
  29. Write words you associate with the word ‘flow’.
  30. What things in your life are agitating you right now?
  31. If you had to add something to this planet, what would it be?