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6 Tips on Indexing Your Journal Easily

30th October 2015

In my second video, I share my top tips on how to make indexing your journals easier.

We all know indexing our journals is a good idea, but it seems like a such a huge task. On the other hand, indexing makes your journals searchable. So, as always, I figured out some time-saving tips to make this process a bit easier.

Making tasks easier and quicker to do is my favourite topic so I had a lot of fun making this video. If you have any tips on how to make indexing your journals easier, please share them in the comments section!

Daily Journaling Prompt Stickers 2016 are here!

28th October 2015

Journaling Prompt Stickers by Journaling Sage.

Learn to follow your intuitions, desires and creativity, the easy way. The journey with your creativity can happen by asking simple questions. These stickers have been specially designed to make you answering these questions ease. You can purchase these stickers from my Etsy store SOLD OUT.

Buy the prompt stickers   SOLD OUT. Thank you very much!

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The journaling prompts will help you:

  • Learn to trust your creative energy
  • Find activities and people that truly nourish you
  • Let go of old rules that no longer serve you
  • Explore new inspirations and interests
  • Discover new talents, gain new skills and share them with the world

Journaling Prompt Stickers by Journaling Sage.

What you will get in the set:

  • A whole year (366 days) of Journaling prompts on stickers
  • Journaling prompts for creative happiness
  • 54 extra stickers with cute illustrations
  • Each month comes on an A4 sheet (12 sheets in total)
  • Perfect for colouring in with watercolour, markers, etc.

Journaling Prompt Stickers by Journaling Sage.

The Colour Me Soulful set is perfect for colouring them your way. The are printed on matt white sticker sheets so you can use watercolours (my favourite & seen in picture), markers, inks, highlighters, etc. Please note that the set you are purchasing comes with a white background. The coloured stickers are shown as an example of how you can easily customise your own set.

Journaling Prompt Stickers by Journaling Sage.

Limited Edition Sets

In addition to the Colour Me Soulful set, there are three limited edition sets available to celebrate the launch of these cuties. 10 sets are available in three colourways:

The Brights Set SOLD OUT

Journaling Prompt Stickers by Journaling Sage.

The Jewels Set SOLD OUT

Journaling Prompt Stickers by Journaling Sage.

The Pastels Set SOLD OUT

Journaling Prompt Stickers by Journaling Sage.

The journaling prompt stickers is totally flexible to how you’d like to use them. If you want to do them in order, you can always follow the Journaling Sage Instagram account, Twitter account or Facebook where you will find that day’s journaling prompt. Or you can do just the prompt you fancy, when you fancy.

Buy the prompt stickers   SOLD OUT. Thank you very much!

Buy the digital download version here instead…

If you’d like the Creative Happiness Journaling Prompts on a monthly sheet to stick into your journal (digital download items), please sign up to the Journaling Sage mailing list below and you’ll be updated when they go on sale in December 2015!

A Public Service Announcement

9th October 2015

It's totally okay to have lots of notebooks you haven't used yet!

This is a Public Service Announcement for all those of you who have a large collection of unused notebooks. This is my collection of unused notebooks. Yes I have two whole bookshelves of brand spanking new notebooks that haven’t been touched since the day I bought them. Please show this to your husbands and boyfriends and say ‘see, my collection is not nearly as bad as this woman’s!’

I am showing you my collection so that you no longer feel bad about having a pile of unused notebooks. No one should be. They are just notebooks. It’s not like you are hoarding something that is going to go off in the next week.

Besides, they are not unused notebooks. ‘Unused’ has such a negative connotation, like you are already committed to not using them – and that’s not the case is it? You are fully intending on using them and that’s what counts. These notebooks are just waiting for me to get around to using them. They are looking forward to it. So let’s call them ‘waiting to be used’ notebooks instead.

Honestly, there are so much guilt surrounding journaling already, we don’t need to guilt-trip ourselves further every time we look at our ‘waiting to be used’ notebooks. We should be delighted that we have so many choices when we come to pick our next journal. We should look at the notebooks and have fun imagining what we will put in them.

Still overwhelmed?

If, however, you do still feel that you have too many and they are starting to make you feel overwhelmed, maybe the following exercise will help you. Figure out how many notebooks you normally go through in a year. Then look at how many ‘waiting to be used’ notebooks you have in stock. You can roughly estimate how many years it will take to use your stock up. Are you happy with how many years it will take to use up your collection? How many year’s worth of notebooks would be less overwhelming? If you have way more than you are comfortable with, then maybe you’ll feel better to gift some of your journals to your friends.

For example, the very top shelf in the photo you see holds the notebooks I have filled this year. So from that I can work out I have roughly two years’ worth of stock (totally not counting any new ones I will buy in the future…) I am absolutely okay with having two years’s worth of stock. I felt less overwhelmed about how many notebooks I have because I now know I can use them up in just a couple of years. So no giving away my notebooks to my friends (sorry my dear friends, but phew!)

That’s the thing about people who journal. We grow notebooks like house plants. It’s just part of who we are.

October Journaling Prompts

1st October 2015

October Journal Prompt. Daily Journaling Prompt for Creative Happiness.

  1. What are you doing with your life? Was that of your choosing or someone else’s?
  2. This month, my soul is yearning for some…
  3. What 5 problems could you solve this month?
  4. Write all the actions you associate with the word ‘divine’.
  5. What things potently luxurious do you want to bring into your life?
  6. What would your perfect journaling space look like? What aspect of it can you make happen this week?
  7. If money lost its meaning, what work would you do>
  8. What are you waiting for?
  9. When do you feel most connected with yourself?
  10. What 10 things have you done that you thought you could never do?
  11. What 10 things do you think you can never do?
  12. What 3 words describe your life right now?
  13. What second chance do you need to give yourself?
  14. What aspects of yourself do you constantly compare with others?
  15. What values can you give to the people who will receive your work?
  16. What activities make you lose track of time? How can you do more of these activities?
  17. Who is the real, raw, unedited you?
  18. What’s working in your life?
  19. List concrete goals you can achieve, at a push, by the end of the month.
  20. What would you be totally lost in life without?
  21. List 20 things that represent ‘grateful’ to you.
  22. Write all the things you associate with the word ‘sacred’.
  23. What did you do yesterday?
  24. What does your name mean? How much does your name reflect who you are as a person?
  25. When is the last time you enjoyed something on your own?
  26. What did you dream of last night?
  27. List 3 ways to win your heart.
  28. List all the ‘what ifs’ cluttering up your mind right now?
  29. What is the hardest thing to forgive from your past? Is it worth still holding onto?
  30. What can you do this afternoon to bring in some relaxation time for yourself?
  31. What one problem could you solve today?