3 Common Repairs For Your Garage Door


Having a garage door is super convenient. And if you have a new enough house and the car you can merge them together. Quickly and easily you can open your garage door with just the push of a button. Or some garage doors come with separate garage door openers. Along with that, there are many types of problems that can come up. Just like any other machine, garage doors can have mechanical problems. They can also have electronic problems because they rely heavily on electronics to work. Lastly, if the door is not installed correctly then that can cause major problems as well. Read further on these three common garage door problems.

Mechanical Problems

The most common mechanical problem that can occur to a garage door is the track that the door runs on can get damaged. If wear and tear make the track hard for the door to slide on then it won’t work correctly. Along with that, there are tension rods that almost every garage door has. This makes it so that the door cannot slam to the ground or slam up on the track. If these are broken, then your door will not work correctly.

Another common but silly problem some garage doors have is that if they are locked manually, you won’t be able to open them with your opener. Some people feel silly because they call a repair guy only to find the door is simply locked. It is an easy thing to check before you call the repair guy.

Electronic Problems

There are many electronic problems that can come up with a garage door as well. One of these is that the batteries in your door opener transmitter can die. If you have a transmitter in your car that opens and closes your garage door, the batteries can die. Therefore it won’t open the door.

Another common electronic problem is that the sensors on the garage door get deactivated or have problems. Every garage door has sensors on the bottom of the door. If that sensor line is broken at any point, the garage door will automatically stop. This helps ensure that the garage door doesn’t accidentally go down on top of a person. If something is blocking the sensor or the sensor goes off alignment, the door won’t work.

Installation Problems

If the garage door is not installed correctly then the door will not work. When garage door installers install the door they need to be sure that there are all the appropriate items. There needs to be a track that is leveled and clear. There needs to be the sensor that tells the door if something is in the way. And there need to be batteries or a power supply to all the appropriate items. If these things are not in place then the installation of the door will be unsuccessful. Along with that, if the garage door is not mounted to the roof correctly it will also cause problems. So being sure that the door is installed properly is very important.


In the end, garage doors are so handy but can also have many problems. The way that a door is installed is very important. On top of that, there can be mechanical and electronic issues that arise over the course of owning a garage door. Garage doors have very specific things that help it function correctly and safely. If you need to call a garage door repair serviceman then be sure that it is not something simple such as a mechanically locked door. At the end of the day, these are three important facts to know about garage door repair.

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