5 Point Guide to The Visian Toric ICL


Lots of people suffer from basic vision problems. Nearly sixty percent of Americans have to wear glasses in order to achieve 20/20 vision. That is a lot. However, those of us suffering from vision problems have no need to suffer any longer. There is a relatively new procedure out. Counter to its biggest competition, LASIK, Vision Toric offers a new way to achieve 20/20 vision. No longer will you be searching for your glasses. Check out these facts about the Visian Toric procedure.

What is Visian Toric ICL?

Basically, Visian Toric is another option to help improve your vision. It is a small, outpatient surgery that implants a contact lens to make your vision 20/20. Many patients like this option because there are no restrictions or risks in flying after the procedure. Along with that, it is highly successful.

It is Successful?

Highly. The success rate is way over ninety percent. Most other vision treatments either work short term or don't work. You really don't have to deal with that with the Vision ICL treatment. Patients are highly satisfied with the success and the procedure.

How Does it Work?

In layman’s terms, the process works by implanting a contact lens into your eye. Basically, instead of the contact lense being on the outside of the eye, it is on the inside. A surgeon will peel back the top layer of the eye and implant a similar contact. However, these contacts require very little maintenance compared to typical contacts.

The Surgery Procedure and Recovery

On the day of surgery, you will be able to go home. However, you will absolutely need to return the next day and have a checkup. At this point, they will check the pressure in your eyes and see what your pain level is. They will check the pressure so that they can be sure that their sutures held and all the pieces of the eye are working together with the way that they are supposed to. Then they will help you with pain if you are in a lot of pain they can give you some anti-inflammatory and pain medication.

There are a few things to look out for. You should never rub your eyes for those first few weeks. No matter how tempting it is. And you should be sure to see your doctor immediately if you have any major vision changes. This is crucial in ensuring that any problems happening are caught quickly. If the pressure in the eye is not maintained then other large problems can occur.

Follow Up Care

As far as follow up care, there isn't much that needs to be done. However, it is recommended to go to your doctor for your annual checkups. As well as seeing your eye doctor for annual checkups. That way you can be sure that the surgery is maintaining your vision and everything is going well with your eye in general.


As you can see, there is no need to suffer any longer with poor vision. If you find yourself frustrated with not being able to see then check out the visian toric icl. This procedure is basically like a contact lens that is implanted. It requires very little follow up care and can cure you of a need for glasses. Unlike other types of eye surgery such as LASIK, there is no need to avoid high elevations or flying after the surgery. It has a very high success rate and works well. If you are suffering from poor vision then test out visian toric ICL and its possibilities today.  

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