7 Things You Must Know Before Your First Boxing Class

Have you already bought your boxing gloves? Are you done with following YouTube tutorials on how to roll up your gloves? Well, if you are all set to join boxing classes, then here are some things for you to check before you step into your class. Here are the top 7 boxing training tips you must know. Go through them and get ready to surprise your trainer for real.

  •    Wear form-fitting clothes:

Wearing the right pair of clothes. Famous boxing trainers who've been training all the celebrities all these years always recommend wearing clothes that the students are comfortable with. The clothes that help you to move freely are the clothes you should get for training. And that has a reason. Look, as you are going to move the whole class on your legs, so until you really don't want to wear clothes that can be caught up by something or can be pulled by your opponent you shouldn't wear baggy, loose clothes. You can try buying these clothes with HotOzCoupons coupon codes to get some exciting deals and discounts.

  •    It's banana or bust:

You must be wondering where the heck does banana comes from in a boxing ring! It's just a term most of the boxing trainers use. It means DO NOT EVER enter the class with a full stomach. That will make your stomach heavy. And that can make your moves weak and movements laggy in the class. If you want to train yourself properly, try to enter the training 2-3 hrs after the meal. You can also try having a ripe banana or a few pieces of watermelons before the training. These small amounts of sugar intake will give you the strength but won't make your stomach heavy.

  •    It's not boxing; it's all skipping:

Get ready to go skipping. Skipping is the hand, eye and leg coordination you will need in the ring. Because, from dodging the punches to striking your opponent, it's all about how good your hands, eyes and legs work together. Plus, this will help your heart rate up and a great exercise while warming up too.

  •    Triple knot your laces:

Double knot it at least. Look, our shoelaces behave rudely while skipping. They always get untied whenever we jump rope. But most of the gym trainers use this chance and will give you punishment for this. They will be like "go and do 50 push-ups now". Although that too will help you eventually in future. But who wants to get punishments for something he/she haven't done intentionally, right? And another reason behind this is, you cannot just pause in between a match to tie up your shoelaces. So, always double or triple the knots of your laces.

  •     Stepping into the ring takes time:

The boxing ring is in front of you, doesn't mean you can go and step into that ring just like that. Wait until your trainer thinks that you are ready. Because, unless you know how to throw a perfect punch, you can't just go and fight like that. It could be harmful to your wrist and your opponent too. So, next time when they say, "one day or day one!?" Tell them "training from day one to ACHIEVE the place in that ring one day".

  •    Learning the stance in the first place:

If you don't have your stance correct, you're going to develop a bad habit of losing. If your stance is not proper, you are not going to get that power on your punches. Keep your knees soft. The moment you lock the legs out, you will prepare a trap for yourself. Making your legs locked out will create problems for you to catch yourself; moreover, your body weight will not be centred anymore, making you vulnerable.

  •    Your body will be super sore, but your hands won't:

The very first day in your boxing class will make your body super painful for sure. Because all the training will be new to your body. A lot of trainees feel soreness on their shoulders and upper traps. However, your hands won't be paining that much.

Therefore, here are some tips mentioned above that you must know before you join a boxing training centre. The tips will help you to cope well during your initial days of boxing classes. If you follow these tips, then you can definitely be able to rock the ring. Go and get your opponents through some big punches!

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