August Journaling Prompts

1st August 2015

August Journal Prompt. Daily Journaling Prompt for Creative Happiness.

  1. What do you need to stop doing repeatedly to other people?
  2. What is your five greatest strength as a partner?
  3. What 5 small things can you do to indirectly help your creative work move forward?
  4. Name something you gave away that you wish you hadn’t.
  5. Who makes you feel heard? What do they do for you?
  6. What does your ideal short and long term career path look like to you?
  7. What is the beautiful truth about you? How can you show it more in your daily life?
  8. What’s around you right now? Describe where you are. Tell me all the small details.
  9. What healthy habits do you have? What areas of your life do you want to focus on next?
  10. What’s your intention for this week?
  11. What one experience you have had that you think everyone should experience at least once?
  12. List things and people you are secretly having trouble letting go of.
  13. Which of your personal relationships matter to you most? What can you do today to deepen the relationship?
  14. List 5 things that tickle you silly when you think about it.
  15. How do you feel today?
  16. I give myself the permission to…
  17. What are you really obsessed with right now? Who or what are you enjoying giving your mind to?
  18. What childhood belief is holding back your adult self?
  19. What deep, dark, unmentioned fear do you keep locked up in the closet? Lay them down gently on the page.
  20. What things do you tell yourself you must do perfectly?
  21. Write all the things that make your mind feel beautifully nourished.
  22. Who in your life would you take to the battlefield with?
  23. What activities are most meaningful to you?
  24. What choice can you make today to be more free?
  25. Describe one negative thing that keeps reoccurring. What is making it happen over and over?
  26. What 3 little things are just so magical to you.
  27. Your ‘golden years’ – has it happened yet or are you still waiting for it to happen?
  28. What stories do you tell about other people’s gifts and talents? What stories do you tell about your own gifts and talents?
  29. List 3 things to start doing for yourself.
  30. Make a list of all the places on this planet that has been important to you.
  31. If you could take tomorrow off, where would you go?