Caselibrary: сlassics and innovation

Do you like books? You read books daily. Do you want a unique laptop case made in the form of a book? With Caselibrary this is possible.

Caselibrary – unique case library

The history of the brand began with one book, which the owner found in his library. Its cover was hand-drawn from the original. It was this find that prompted man to create the covers in the form of books.

The company's mission is to combine the beauty of books with innovative technology. Every laptop case is created by a team of professional designers, seamstresses and experts in literature and cinema, in order to create a truly unique case for you. All this is a team of creative people who love their work and invest in their creations all the skills. The team is always open to new ideas, they will bring to life any idea of the client.

Benefits of buying in Caselibrary

Unique laptop case, which is available only to you - that's the main advantage of its purchase. Now your favourite heroes are always close by, and your laptop is protected as well. Each case is created manually on any of your devices. Production of each product goes through 7 stages of verification. The company is very attentive to each product, achieving an exact analogy and accuracy in detail. For manufacture use reliable and strong materials, the stable paint which will sustain any bad weather is used.

In addition to the original design, you can also add functionality to the product, namely you can add:

  • pockets;
  • removable handles;
  • your initials;
  • optional accessory case.

It takes two weeks to make one laptop case, but if you need it urgently for a holiday, the company will do it in 2 days. You should not think that you will lose quality, on the contrary, each product is carefully controlled. The company always leaves resources for urgent orders.

Buy a laptop case at Caselibrary

Caselibrary offers:

  • any designer's case in the form of your favourite book, magazine, newspaper, film poster;
  • additional services and options;
  • case for any device - phone, tablet, e-book, laptop;
  • 100 % handmade;
  • bonus program for regular customers;
  • refund within 30 days, if the goods are not suitable.

Delivery is carried out anywhere in the world. Also in Europe, Asia and Australia there are their offices. Order your laptop case in the form of your favourite bestseller now - make it unique.

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