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I found this poem in an old journal

19th December 2015

A bond of a mother and daughter.
So strong,
Yet never more painful
Than the moment their hands part.

Seeing the same stars
Standing under the same sky
Passing through the same place
She passed only a few hours ago
Our distance never felt greater.
Winds blow on my cheek,
And I wonder if it caressed hers too.

She moves from my reality
And dissolves into my memories once again.
She becomes but my imagination
Even though I know she is out there. Somewhere.

Putting away the dishes she left to dry,
Another sign of her being here withers away.
Silently watching out for her on the street,
She’s not her, he’s not her.

Willing for a miracle,
For her to move from the other side of my consciousness
To the paving stones buried in front of me.
Knowing she stood there yesterday
Seeing her smile.
Cowering over the stone
So no one stands in her memory.