Give A Girl A Journal

15th February 2016

I am super excited to see Jamie Ridler launch her do-good initiative project, Give A Girl A Journal. When she tentatively started to mention several months ago, a project in which we can join to give girls journals I was ‘HELL YES’ from the start.

This project is simple. We can nominate a girl to receive a journal, or sponsor a journal to be given to a girl. Jamie will take care of the rest. Girl gets journal, girl gets the safe space to explore who she really is.

I fully and utterly support this project because journaling has been such a healing process to me. Without it, I would still be the angry, hurt, defensive person with a whole lot of unresolved issues. Journaling gave me the space to explore these issues and figure out ways to deal with them my way. It gave me a way to manage my Bipolar, ADHD and Dyslexia. Without it, I would’ve never got my PhD.

If you have experienced the benefit of journaling in your life, and can afford $20, please take this opportunity to forward that gift to a girl who is yet to discover journaling.

Find out more at Give A Girl A Journal. Give a Girl a Journal is a do-good initiative of Jamie Ridler Studios. I do not receive any financial benefit from sharing this project, I just whole heartedly believe that this is a project young girls need.