March Journaling Prompts

1st March 2015

March Journal Prompt. Daily Journaling Prompt for Creative Happiness.

  1. What projects are you stalling on because you worry others won’t approve?
  2. What values do you want your life to align with?
  3. What one action can you take today that will bring you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?
  4. Which season do you most look forward to? What does that season give you?
  5. What would you go and do if you believed you were enough?
  6. What things about you are you trying to appear ‘normal’? Why are you trying so hard to hide who you are?
  7. What embodies the word ‘divine’ to you?
  8. What else could your life mean? What else? What else? What else?
  9. Do you spend your time, energy and life for yourself or someone else? Are you happy with that?
  10. Who would you love to collaborate with? What qualities would they bring to the team?
  11. What restful thing are you going to do for yourself today?
  12. What do you want to learn today?
  13. What would you put into a ‘professional survival kit’ for your work?
  14. What or who are you ready to let go of today?
  15. What’s stopping you from opening your heart more fully?
  16. What 5 childhood activities would you love to bring back into your life?
  17. What criticism has hurt you recently? Why did it hurt so bad?
  18. What would you love to stay up late into the night with someone and talk about?
  19. What have you talked yourself out of doing this week?
  20. If you had to add something to humanity, what would it be?
  21. In what ways would you like to manifest your own spirituality in your life?
  22. Write all the things you associate with the word ‘joyful’.
  23. What big life decision have you been toying with in your mind for a while now?
  24. What can you change today to bring more integrity into your life?
  25. What if the question was ‘what should you do with your life RIGHT NOW?’ What would you change?
  26. What do you want to be known for?
  27. Are you happy with the way you are spending money? What do you want to change?
  28. What one word could you fill an entire page of your journal with?
  29. What habit do you want to change today?
  30. This week, my body is yearning for some…
  31. Who embodies ‘burning passion’ to you? What did they do?