Pearl - A Perfect Gift to a Career Woman!

It is said that cooperate world seeks not only dedication, skills but presentation too. A man or woman need to appear their best to last in the cooperate race. If you want to gift your lady on her first job, her success or any other accomplishment then pearls are the best option you can go with. Pearls are the symbol of elegance, sophistication and a perfect match for a career woman.

“Diamond’s might be girl’s best friend, but pearls are their wise partners”

There is a perfection that pearls can provide and that cannot be replaced by diamond, gold, silver or platinum. However, wearing no jewel might look too naive and boring. Pearls are not as eye blinding as the other gems but provide the owner with an aura of perfection and power. Click over here to know more about your favourite pearls.

Pearls are made through a complex defence mechanism against the intervention of irritants. When an irritant enters or is inserted into the sensitive flesh of a clam, oyster or a mussel, it starts secreting layers of calcium carbonate against it, known as nacre. It’s after a thousand coatings of nacre, a pearl is formed. This reflects the way a career woman works. Hence, pearls are perfect to appreciate their hard work.

Few things to look for, while buying a pearl

To gift someone special you also need to get the right pearl. Here are a few tips to help you do the same.

  • Nacre- these are the number of layers secreted by the mollusc in response to the invasion of an irritant inside the shell. More nacre provides a higher quality and more lustre to the pearls.
  • Size of the pearl- the size of a pearl varies from 2 - 30 mm depending on its origin.
  • Shape -though perfectly round pearls are impossible to find but nearly oval or round pearls with a smooth surface are considered to be the best quality of the pearl.

The lustrous pearls in graceful colours are something that compliments the beauty of a woman.

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