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Making Journaling Easy

Journaling should be a guilt-free activity. If we do what comes easy to each of us inside our journals, we could get so much more out of journaling. Forget having to write everyday. Forget having to write three full pages. Forget it having to be all neat and beautiful.

In journaling we can release old beliefs, explore new possibilities and grow into who you really are, not who we’ve been told we should be. That’s way more important than whether we spelt every word right.

About Dr. Akiyo Kano

I’m a writer, painter, and photographer, living in Edinburgh. I write journaling prompts and I write about how to make journaling easier to do. I believe in the power of journaling to provide healing, clarity and new paths, but I don’t believe you have to write every day to get them.

I started journaling during my PhD. My Anorexia was at its peak. My Bipolar was out of control. I couldn’t work. I picked up the pen. I needed a space to feel safe to express every emotions, thoughts and feelings that were raging through me. It was a cathartic experience. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I was angry, hurt and in pain. over the next few months, I went back to writing when things got too much again. Slowly, I started to heal enough to continue with my life.

After completing my PhD, I was lost as to what to do with my life. I knew I didn’t want to carry on teaching at a university, but what else could I do? I was trained as a scientist, but I wanted something else. We moved to Edinburgh seeking new opportunities. I volunteered for a mental health charity, but in the long term, I still didn’t know what to do.

Off I went back into my notebooks. I started to read about journaling techniques to help me figure things out. I gave the Morning Pages another go and this time it stuck. I got into the habit of journaling regularly. I started writing about my dreams, desires and things that were getting in the way of me getting to them.

One morning, before my shift, I sat down by the window at a cafe and wrote about my life in a year’s time. I wrote about writing a wildy successful book. I wrote about running e-courses. I wrote about how James and I just had a wedding. Wait, what? James and I just had a wedding? You mean I want to marry him? This is was completely new to me, but it felt right.

3 months later we were married. And I understood the power of journaling to help you listen to what your heart truly desires.

I’ve continued to journal since then. I’ve filled two bookshelves of notebooks. I share my own journaling prompts with people every day. For me, helping people to journal isn’t telling them to write everyday. It’s about asking the right question that’ll help them right now.

Journaling has helped me release old woulds. Let go of tightly held outdated rules. Explore what I want instead of those wounds and rules. What do I want right now? It creates the space for me to fill myself with all those things I am hungry for and grow into what I want to become.

I hope you join me in this lovely, gentle, and healing journey.