What Is So Important About Mikimoto Pearls?

Mikimoto is the ancient name in the entire industry of cultured pearls. As these pearls were manufactured by Mikimoto, they came to be called as Mikimoto cultured pearls. These pearls were made for everyone. With the introduction of these pearls, several strange things happened in the society that made Mikimoto and his cultured pearls a topic of the town. Let us know what those things were.

Journey of introduction of Mikimoto cultured pearls

Mikimoto pearls were introduced by Mikimoto Kokichi. Mikimoto and his wife were both entrepreneurs, as well as fabulous marketers. He wanted all women to own a pearl necklace and so to accomplish his objective he came up with his 1st cultured pearl in the year 1893. By the start of 1900s, he was able to form a spherical cultured pearl. This brought a new wave of change in the entire pearl industry.

What made Mikimoto famous?

Before Mikimoto began his farm of cultured pearls, people could only find natural pearls in the market that were very expensive and rare. So, when Mikimoto’s cultured pearl came to light, it seemed to capture the entire market. People were stunned just by looking at sight of these gorgeous pearls that were available at a significantly lower price as compared to the natural pearls.

Also, these new cultured pearls were more spherical than the natural ones. In short, introduction of Mikimoto’s cultured pearls was the reason for the collapsing of the natural pearl industry!

What was the impact of introduction of Mikimoto pearls?

Arrival of Mikimoto’s cultured pearls nearly killed the prevailing natural pearl industry. The outcome was obvious. He had to face the rage of jewelers. Some of the natural pearl dealers even took Mikimoto to court as how he destroyed their years of business setup.  Now, who will buy natural pearls and what will be the future of their business. All these were the concerns for which Mikimoto was sued.


Mikimoto pearl was the first introduction of cultured pearls in the jewelry market. It played havoc to the natural pearl industry. These pearls are admired for their natural beauty and quality.

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