Why Pearls are considered to be Valuable?

Pearls have always been held in high esteem among precious gems. Its mystic origin, beauty and dazzling uncommon traits have made it an exclusive gemstone loved by all. Earlier, pearls were valued in accordance to their flawless appearance. However, after the origin of cultured pearls the value of gorgeous gem was determined on certain factors.

Mentioning the prime factors that help to verify the value of pearls:

  • Its nacre

The formation of the pearl is the base to visualize its value. Nacre is the smooth surface of the pearl that enhances its shining beauty. Layers of nacre form when the irritant enters the oyster. The nacre needs to be smooth and thick to enhance its value.

  • Luster

In any gemstone its shining quality makes it luring to buy for embedding in ornaments. Similarly, a powerful glow is seen within the pearl when it reflects the light falling on its surface. The high quality of the luster depends upon the smoothness of the pearl surface. Some highly expensive pearls reflect the image of its onlooker as its surface is flawless.

  • Shape of the pearl

Normally, pearls are available in perfect round shape; however some cultured pearl is available in different shapes. Some are oval, baroque or semi round pearls. Pearl needs to be perfectly round to boost its value in the jewelry market.

  • Color of the pearl

This quality may not affect the value of pearl much however it helps in luring people to buy it. There are varied color pearls chosen in accordance to the skin tone of its wearer. Cream, white and pinkish shade pearl are largely chosen to be set in ornaments.  However, since few decades there is a trend of wearing dark shaded pearls like chocolate and grey pearls.

  • Size of the pearls

It matters a lot, as big pearls rate above 7mm are expensive as they aren’t abundantly available. For embedding a single pearl in rings, earrings and pendants buying large pearl will be the right choice.

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